The Shadowport Saga

Tales of the Bravelight I

The Edge of the Empire

In the dark reaches of the outer rim, on a rocky moon orbiting the gas giant Oovo, the crew of the smuggler ship Bravelight retrieved a mysterious relic for their benefactors aboard a distant space station.

Having survived the mission, the crew returned to the seedy and sprawling shadowport known as the Umburra Dark Space Waystation. The crew successfully delivered their cargo, a single black metallic container with a red lid, to their contact aboard the shadowport, a Nautolan information broker called Monga. This same shadow broker would also later introduce the crew to Chimia Dreii, the official representative of the Sedna Family and the individual responsible for hiring the Bravelight.

Familiar mostly with the previous crew of the Bravelight, and their droid pilot VEXX-27, Monga was reluctant but pleasantly surprised by the success of the storied ship’s new crew, and a strong new bond was formed.


rene_shible rene_shible

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