The Shadowport Saga

Tales of the Bravelight II

Ghost of the Underwild

After completing a job on the jungle planet of Manpha, and freeing themselves from the clutches of the pirate captain Vandrill Moz, the crew of the Bravelight made the acquaintance of one Gam Gamlo; a Rodian thief and member of the archaeology ship Seeker.

With Gamlo in tow, the crew headed for the dangerous Underwild, a dark jungle in the heart of the Galamag Swamp, in search of a long lost Trade Federation treasure ship. Having agreed to deliver a particular treasure to Gamlo’s captain aboard the Seeker, the crew made their way into the bowels of the Trade Federation Battle Cruiser once known as The Aggressor.

After surviving some trials, the crew eventually came across an ancient temple decorated with Sith murals hidden in the deepest parts of the ships cargo hold. Inside the temple, the crew discovered an altar bearing an old, discarded lightsaber, a faded kyber crystal, and a small black metallic box with a red lid, similar to the one they found on the moon of Oovo.

Upon leaving the ship, the crew was confronted by Vigo Freilon of the notorious Black Sun Syndicate. They fought there against Black Sun agents in defense of their salvage and left the planet safely with their temporary ally Gamlo, and their treasures.


rene_shible rene_shible

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