The Shadowport Saga

Tales of the Bravelight III

The Seeker's Vigil

Upon their return to the shadow port, the Bravelight discovered a blockade of Black Sun warships surrounding the Umburra Waystation. With the help of the Seeker’s ace pilot, Gowain Barr, the crew managed to outmaneuver a squad of Black Sun Starvipers and the notorious Rex Highwind.

Barr eventually led the Bravelight to an old forgotten maintenance entrance and a long-forgotten part of the shadow port. The crew navigated the labyrinthine tunnels all the way to the administration center where a meeting of some of the most notorious crime lords aboard the station was deciding the fate of the Bravelight.

Impressed with the crew, the leaders of the shadow port ruled against the vindictive Vigo Freilon and in favour of the Bravelight. Both the Sedna family and Modang the Hutt offered the smuggler crew opportunities for future work, and the relic was successfully delivered to the crew of the Seeker.


rene_shible rene_shible

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