The Bravelight

The Bravelight is a repurposed Gozanti-Class Armed Transport originally manufactured by Corellian Engineering and currently being used for various treasure hunting and smuggling jobs.

The Bravelight is currently docked at Umburra Darkspace Waystation’s hangar bay 3 at docking port UW-3170.


The Bravelight was originally captained by the infamous adventurer Corrin Dax. Accounts of how Dax came to own the Bravelight differ, some claiming that she slew its previous captain and commandeered the Bravelight and her crew, while others claim that she stole it directly from an Imperial shipyard, right from underneath the Empire’s nose. Whatever the case may be, the Bravelight has been modified heavily, to the point where a layperson unfamiliar with the makes and models of various starships may not recognize the Gozanti chassis as a mainstay of the Empire’s armed transport fleet.


VEXX-72 – Pilot & Interim Captain
The droid pilot of the Bravelight is the oldest member of the crew, in terms of both her age and her seniority. Aside from the astromech droid R1, she is the only member of the ship who served with her original captain and hired all of the current crew members with the assistance of the Bravelight’s main contact aboard the shadowport, Monga.

Rudus Havox – First Mate
A mysterious Zabrak with an increasing sensitivity to the Force, Rudus is content to work aboard the Bravelight and keep the ship safe and running smoothly while he explores the galaxy and his own past.

Weenqa Chestu – Copilot
A savvy and streetwise smuggler, Weenqa is somewhat familiar with the flight controls of the Bravelight, but is most capable when it comes to sneaking smuggled goods past checkpoints.

Zalu – Medical Crew
As the only doctor aboard the Bravelight, Zalu is responsible for the health and well-being of her allies.

Harper Valentine – Mechanic
Whether in the engine room or the workshop, Harper keeps the Bravelight running through thick and thin.

R1-5 – Astromech Droid
R1 has served aboard the Bravelight for almost as long as VEXX. This confused and eccentric little machine is quite capable when it’s running properly.


The Bravelight houses a complement of a couple of starfighters and speeders for self-defense and for use on various adventures.

The Bravelight

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