Umburra Dark Space Waystation

Umburra Darkspace Waystation, otherwise known as the shadowport, is a massive sprawling space station and known den of criminal activity. The shadowport is considered by some an underworld sanctuary.

Located a short distance from the Corporate Sector in the Outer Rim, Umburra Dark Space is typically defined as the territory between the planets Zygerria and Vaynai at galactic coordinate S02. This territory has been long controlled by the Umburra Crime Syndicate and was a gift from the Hutt kajidics for their work providing a legitimate front for their gangster operations in the Core Worlds as the Umburra Freight Corporation. Not soon after, Umburra found a new source of revenue as a known refuge for smugglers and pirates, friendly to the Hutts and other crime families, and safe from the scrutinizing gaze of the Old Republic – and later, the Galactic Empire.

Several thousands of years ago, some centuries after its founding, the shadowport’s growing reputation as a safe haven for criminal activity invited a mass immigration of gangsters and smugglers seeking sanctuary, giving rise to shanty towns in the depths of the space station. As the shadowport’s permanent population grew, so did the size of the shadowport itself. Renovations to the space station to accommodate it’s growing population saw various older parts of the space station buried beneath the newer districts and additions. To this day, old labyrinths beneath the station’s most traveled districts are still being discovered, including in some cases the colonies that chose to settle there hundreds of years ago.

Today, the relationship between Umburra and the Hutts has long faded into history, but their clandestine operations as a hub for smugglers and pirates is as strong as it’s ever been. The services supplied at such shadow ports are both welcome by and necessary to the villains and rogues who make a living on the fringes of the galaxy. Here, smugglers can make port, arrange for repairs and transportation, and spend their hard-earned credits on drink, entertainment, supplies, weaponry, games of chance, and anything else their hearts could desire.



Umburra Dark Space Waystation

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