The Shadowport Saga

Tales of the Bravelight IV

Whispers Below Umburra

Each crew member of the Bravelight spends their time off in their own way in between flights and adventures.

Rudus recalled his dark past on the planet Iridonia, training with a group of force cultists for a dark end that was never revealed to him. While exploring his memories, Rudus’s understanding of and capacity to use the force improved.

After a day of exploring the shops and back alleys of the dark space waystation, Weenqa found himself cornered by another Rodian smuggler who seemed to know a little bit about his troubled past… and planned to profit from it. With the help of Rudus and Zalu, Weenqa managed to fend off the villain and his minions, unfortunately allowing one of them to escape. As for the smuggler, Weenqa had his own plans for the would-be blackmailer and decided to take his life after having already incapacitating him and blasting him to the ground.

Chiss colonist, and resident medical staff aboard the Bravelight, Zalu, decided to get to the bottom of the unusual relationship between the brothers Monga – Buaii the shadow broker and their loyal contact, and Deiiwan, the respected head administrator aboard the shadowport. After assisting Monga with his damaged arm, broken from his tousle with the Black Sun, and coming up with no additional information, Zalu made off for the administration centre… where she was also rebuffed… by a curt receptionist. After an unsuccessful attempt to slice into the administration centre’s database to spy on Administrator Deiiwan’s schedule, Zalu and her party ended up drinking at the local cantina where they spent the evening getting close to Chimia Dreii, and where Zalu earned herself an opportunity to be accepted into the notorious Sedna crime family…

Mechanical expert and technical crew Harper Valentine spent his time productively, choosing to restore weapons found in the treasure ship haul and designing some unique hardware for his personal use. After many hours at the work bench, Harper blew off some steam at the local cantina.

While powered down and connected to a diagnostics machine in a run-down old apartment deep in the shanties of the space station, VEXX-72, droid pilot and stand-in captain of the Bravelight, discovered an unusual recording hiding in her memory banks. Somewhere in the galaxy, underneath a terrible sun in the unforgiving desert, VEXX and the captain of the Bravelight fought pirates at an old stone temple built into the face of a large cliff. There, the captain retrieved from the innermost sanctum of the shrine a black metallic box with a red lid and urged her droid ally and friend to help her hide it from somebody. Gaps in VEXX’s memory banks prevented her from recalling the entire recording.


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