The Shadowport Saga

Tales of the Bravelight V

Trail of the Wanderer

Still waiting for the repairs to be completed on their ship, the crew of the Bravelight joined the hunt for known smuggler Graid Massol, a man with a suspected connection to the old captain of the Bravelight. Massol has allegedly hired the notorious bodyguard known as the Wanderer to escort him off of the station.

Following leads gathered during an investigation on the smuggler, the adventurers split into two teams. One team met with the contact for a group of transporters suspected of arranging safe passage for Massol off of the shadowport, while the other team investigated the flights arranged by the smuggling ring. After some difficulty and a brawl at the local cantina, the team was able to determine that the Wanderer did indeed meet with the smuggler contact to arrange transportation for Massol and that the Wanderer has been killing any bounty hunter who has attempted to track them down. The team has also collected the code for an algorithm used to surreptitiously determine which docking bay the smuggler transports should make port at to remain undetected by the shadowport authorities.


rene_shible rene_shible

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