Sedna Crime Family

The Sedna Crime Family is a criminal organization operating primarily out of the Umburra Dark Space Waystation. The Chiss diplomat Chimia Dreii is the Sedna family’s head representative aboard the shadowport and regularly works with her contacts to contract smugglers, thieves, hired guns, and bounty hunters for assignments.

The organizational structure of the Sedna Crime Family is currently unknown. The individuals at the top of the crime family have not been disclosed. Chimia Dreii seems to have a considerable amount of say in her role as a representative and liaison to Sedna.


The Bravelight
Contract Breaking into the Moon Bunker
Via Monga Buaii, the Sedna family hired the Bravelight to sneak into an abandoned bunker on one of the small rocky moons of Oovo to retrieve a mysterious relic.
Contract Locate the Art Broker
The Bravelight recently accepted a contract to deliver artwork surreptitiously to a black market dealer located somewhere on the Corellian trade spine.
*Other *
The Sedna family was present at the committee to determine the veracity of the claims made by Vigo Freilon of the Black Sun against the Bravelight. They seem to have some say in import matters aboard the Shadowport.
Following the Black Sun blockade incident, Chimia Dreii offered the Bravelight’s resident doctor, Zalu, an opportunity to join the Sedna Family.

Like the Umburra Crime Syndicate, the lords of the Sedna Crime Family come from a long line of Chiss aristocrats with noble roots in the Core Worlds. There seems to be a connection between the two families.

Sedna Crime Family

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